TV Night Just Got Drunker And Higher With Red Wine And Weed Infused Pizza Popcorn

Red. Wine. Popcorn. Yes, you read that right!  

This epic popcorn recipe was inspired by “Scandal” and Olivia Pope’s evening ritual of winding down like with a big glass of wine and an even bigger bowl of popcorn!

Stunning, delicious, and oh-so Scandalous! This is a dish fit for Olivia Pope, Shonda Rhimes, and all the gladiator fans out there! And anyone else who loves popcorn! You’ve got Ritzy Mom to thank for this red wine popcorn recipe with tip and tricks.

Take TV night to a new high

Do you wanna get high in front of the TV? We’ve got your back! Pot infused Pizza Popcorn will make you declare every night TV night. Scout’s Honour!