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Naked Employees Bare All For Absolut Vodka

Booze trends are pointing firmly towards the craft end of the market, so how does a global giant like Absolut Vodka – owned by Pernod Ricard – fight back?

BBH’s answer is to prove that the world’s fifth largest spirit brand is just as “authentic” as any craft rival. These 28 Absolut employees don’t look like they took much persuading to strip naked for this spoof employee induction film, which shows in no uncertain terms that Absolut is “the vodka with nothing to hide.”

It turns out that every bottle of Absolut’s 600,000 daily production run is made in Ahus, Sweden, using local wheat. The whole process is CO2 neutral and waste products are fed to local cows and pigs. Which means this film just about fits in with the brand’s “Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight” platform.

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