Namibian Restaurant to host Donkey Meat And Wine Pairing Dinner

AFTER winning the first ever Donkey Meat Cook-Off in 2013, and successfully staging the first-ever Donkey Meat and Wine Pairing Dinner, Tao’s Kitchen is back with the second instalment of the event.

Two budding entrepreneurs in the catering industry, Mpule Sezuni and Tao Soni !Noarises, are behind the event slated to take place from 1 September at the Old Location Restaurant in Windhoek West. They hope to attract at least 300 to 400 patrons from all walks of life to celebrate culture in an urban set-up.

!Noarises said she has decided to host the second instalment of the Donkey Meat and Wine Pairing Dinner after receiving so many enquiries from various quarters.

She said considering that there is still a misconception about donkey meat among Namibians, they have decided to make the dinner an annual event to promote the eating of donkey meat and make it a sought-after delicacy.

She also added that the dinner will stake its claim as one of the ‘go-to’ events on Namibia’s social calendar.