Nativo Wines Back On Track After Warehouse Fire

After the initial news of the fire received from the proprietors of the Stellenbosch Vineyards warehouse last October, and after viewing the initial damage, the Nativo Wines team was convinced that everything was lost.

Indeed, it did seem that way and we prepared for the worst. However, after the cleanup of the warehouses and the slow but sure process of collecting any remaining stock from the property, it came to light that there was stock being kept in another warehouse, one which was not affected by the fire.

In this other warehouse and away from the fire, the Nativo 2017 Red Blend was being stored, as well as some of the Nativo Red blend 2014, the award-winning, Nativo Red Blend 2015, and the Nativo White blend 2015. Under the circumstances, Nativo was absolutely thrilled to have even this small number of these wines and are delighted to be continuing the sale of the Red 2014 and White 2015 and getting ready to launch the Red 2015 later this year.

Since the fire it has been a rollercoaster. At one point, the company had to halt the sale of Nativo wines, but received overwhelming support from the wine community.

Nativo Wines is officially back in the game and are grateful for all the support they’ve received over the past 9 months.