Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

The holiday season is filled to the brim with special occasions, chic events and spontaneous get-togethers. It’s a time for friends and family, sensational food and marvellous wines. Everyone has their own traditions, with old favourites and a “must have glass” before, during or after dinner.

To make your summer holiday one to remember we have put together a guide of Nederburg wines to serve with some popular vacation occasions. So pop on your Santa hat and listen up!

The first day of holiday

Kick-off the festive season in a tasteful fashion and pour yourself a glass of Nederburg Première Cuvée Brut. Why leave it for New Year if you can drink it now? Best yet, why not keep it flowing throughout the holiday season. The fact that you made it through another year at work sure call for a celebration, so pop that corkamorimcork Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday
by Amorim Cork
and bring on the party!

nederburg brut e1418390562234 Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

This refreshing and elegant sparkling wine is made from a blend of Cape Riesling, Chenin blanc, Chardonnay and Colombar grapes. The playful dancing bubbles in Nederburg Première Cuvée Brut will be perfect with a variety of snacks, such as chocolate-covered strawberries.

Holiday fun and games

Summer holidays are all about fun and games. In the mood to train your brain with a game of Sudoku? Or challenge your friends to a round of 30 Seconds? Best you have a bottle of Nederburg Ingenuity Red at hand! The ingenious characteristics of this wine will rub of on you and turn you into a creative spark.

nederburg ingenuity red 2 e1418390795430 Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

Ingenuity is Nederburg’s platform for innovation and houses exciting new blends made from lesser known varietals (Sangiovese, Barbera and Nebbiolo). Super smooth and vibrant, this wine will amaze you with its ability to enhance simple cuisine, like buttery popcorn, a packet of chips or a creamy pasta dish.

The sip and dip party

It’s pool party season and in the depths of summer, it’s hard to think of a more refreshing choice than a chilled sauvignon blanc. If you plan to strip down for a swim over the holidays we suggest you sip on a glass of 56HUNDRED Sauvignon Blanc.

Nederburg 56Hundred Sauv Blanc 2014 zucchini and Gruyere sandwich LR e1418391017401 Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

In addition to having plenty of tropical fruit flavours and aromas, this wine is friendly on the pocket. Finger foods are most practical at a pool party and most snacks will work with this delightful white wine.

Christmas Movie Night

Scheduling something like watching Christmas movies sounds funny at first, but just stop to think for a minute. You are bound to hit the couch some or other time during the holiday. A bottle of Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will be the perfect partner for the occasion.

nederberg cabsauv 1 e1418391189974 Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

This rich and full-bodied wine shows sensation of cherries and cranberries. The palate meets up with the expectations and this finely crafted wine can be enjoyed on it’s own or with pretty much any takeaway meal.

The holiday romance

The combination of sun, sea, sand and wine can bring out the flirty side in most people and before you know it you are entwined in a sun drenched romance with a handsome stranger. Problem is most holiday romances fade quicker than a suntan, but throw a bottle of Nederburg The Beautiful Lady into the mix and your summer fling might just stand the test of time.

The Beautiful Lady 2012 pack shot HR1 e1382295397991 628x130 e1418391331958 Nederburg wines to match your summer holiday

Made entirely from the Gewürztraminer grape, The Beautiful Lady is a great alternative to your go-to white, especially when you’re looking for something that will go well with food. Because of the slight sweetness on the wine, it’s best served chilled and goes extremely well with spicy Thai and Indian food.