Need to Get Some Real Work Done? Have a Glass of Wine at Lunch

Okay, so this might not make a ton of sense, but whenever I need to get some real work done, I go out to lunch. And then I order myself a drink.

Hear me out.

Do you work in an office? If so, you know that nothing genuinely creative gets accomplished in one. An office is a minefield of meandering meetings and pop-up calendar invites.

But a restaurant? At lunch? All by myself? That sparks me to life. Restaurants—the good ones, at least—remind you to live a little. Which is what I try to do in this letter each issue.

So one day every month, I clear a few hours off my schedule. Then I escape the construction and congestion of the World Trade Center, and I hop the subway to the West Village. You know, where HBO and Ryan Reynolds rom-coms film the leafy side streets and townhouses that only hedge-fund kingpins can afford. My go-to is Buvette, the preposterously charming café that makes you feel like you’re in Paris, except that the energy and bustle and banter of regulars remind you that you can only be in New York City.