New Alcohol Calculator Shares Calorie Count of Your Booze Binge

Prepare to be shocked. This evil genius website gives you the caloric equivalent of beer, wine, cider, spirits and champagne, plus how long you’ll have to run to burn it off. 
For a lot of people, beer and wine is the perfect accompaniment to a good meal. And now that it’s BBQ season, you could find yourself drinking more often — and for longer stretches of time — than you normally would.

But while you’re no doubt aware of how many calories are in the food you’re eating, the calories in the alcohol you’re consuming tend to get a little … forgotten.

That’s a problem that the website Drinkaware is hoping to solve with their new online Unit & Calorie Calculator. The calculator is easy to use — just enter in how many drinks you had of a particular type of booze (you can choose from beer in a pint or bottle, cider, wine, Champagne, hard alcohol, and wine coolers, plus specify brands for more exact numbers) and you’ll get your results.

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