New blood alcohol sensors could make cars shut down if they sense drivers are over the legal drinking limit

Blood alcohol sensor technology might cause cars to shut down if they sense drivers are over the legal blood alcohol limit, it has been revealed.

A video showcasing the technology that is being researched by the Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety (DADSS) was published Thursday to YouTube.

Breath-based and touch-based sensors could be employed in vehicles.

The breath-based system, the clip explains, could measure alcohol molecules in the driver’s breath.
For the other option, the video’s narration says ‘This touch-based system uses near-infrared tissue spectroscopy to detect the level of alcohol in the blood.

‘Alcohol absorbs specific wavelengths light. By measuring the light’s intensity, the system can precisely pinpoint the driver’s blood alcohol level.’

For both sensors, if the driver’s blood alcohol is higher than .08 – which is the legal limit – the car will stay put, according to the video.

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