New cat-inspired Gin launched with help of top chef

A NEW gin – inspired by legends about cats – has been created by a leading York liquor business.

York Gin teamed up with Andrew Pern, the chef who owns The Star Inn the City and Mr P’s Curious Tavern, to create Old Tom.

Michelin-starred chef Andrew helped create a recipe for the syrup that lends the gin a sweeter taste.

chef cat New cat inspired Gin launched with help of top chef

He said: “It’s been great fun researching and of course tasting the Old Tom gin.”

The name Old Tom is the subject of much debate and speculation, said Emma Godivala, director of York Gin.

She added: “There’s a rumour that Old Tom was the name of a specific distiller of this type of gin in Victorian times. Another story even has a poor old tomcat falling into a vat of gin and drowning. However, what is certain is that cats often appeared on the labels of Victorian Old Tom gins.”

The gin will be available from Mr P’s Tavern, The Star Inn The City and the York Gin shop in Pavement from Saturday, June 8.