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New Coke Plus Diet Soda Claims to Do Wonders for Your Health

Can a soft drink really improve your heart and gut health, reduce body fat, and keep you full and satisfied? Probably not.

Prepare yourself, soda junkies: Coca-Cola is releasing a new diet soda that’s promising to actually improve your health. Nope, this is not an early April Fool’s Day joke. Coca-Cola Plus is basically your old favorite, Diet Coke, but now with 5 grams of fiber added to the mix. And the Coke brand is not exactly being shy about their marketing, touting it as the healthiest soda you’ve tasted yet and proclaiming multiple health benefits.

Available only in Japan at the moment (an older version was released several years ago and then taken off shelves), the new Coca-Cola Plus claims to reduce the amount of fat your body absorbs from food and raise triglycerides 7 percent less than regular Coke. (Low triglyceride levels are an important measure of heart health.) Basically, they’re saying that drinking Coke Plus with a junk food meal will make the junk food less harmful to your body. Is this a foodie’s dream come true?

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