New Star Trek themed vodka launches at San Diego Comic Con

Two bottling companies have joined forces and debuted a new Star Trek-themed alcohol called Ten-Forward Vodka at Comic-Con, a nod to the hit series spin-off Star Trek: The Next Generation. The alcoholic beverage is named after a bar in the far reaches of space in the series where intergalactic Whoopi Goldberg serves as the bartender.

The design of the bottle pays homage to the USS Enterprise-D’s computer operating system LCARS, with a bottle rumored to be launched into orbit by Silver Screen Bottling Company and CBS themselves.

Ten-Forward vodka is distilled six times from American grain, and filtered through hardwood charcoal, according to its website.

The bottle was designed by Michael Okuda, an American artist who is best known for his work on Star Trek as its Chief designer.

It takes its name from the Ten-Forward lounge, the on-ship bar area of the fictitious Starship Enterprise-D.

Grab the Ten-Forward Vodka for $30 USD a bottle when it arrives in stores, or you can reserve a bottle now on the company’s website.