New study on pregnancy and ‘safe’ drinking

TO drink or not to drink, that was the question which faced Ruth Cosgrove when she fell pregnant.

Like millions of mums-to-be she was advised to stick to the national guidelines which recommend pregnant women steer clear of wine, beer and spirits.

But given the lack of clear evidence about the risks of low to moderate drinking during pregnancy, Ms Cosgrove decided a glass of red wine “every week or two” was OK.

“I feel comfortable I am not doing any harm to my baby drinking at the levels that I do,” Ms Cosgrove, who is 17 weeks pregnant with her second child, said.

“I’m not advocating drinking during pregnancy but I’ve spoken to four different doctors and the answer each one gave was the same – we are not allowed to tell you that you can drink anything but it’s generally understood that low levels of drinking are ok.

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