New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine Fanatic

The New Year brings with it a traditional custom where we reflect back on the past year and resolve to be healthier, wealthier, or to be a better friend or spouse. For all of us who take wine seriously enough to think about it, talk about it and spend good money for it, it makes sense to include wine in our New Year’s planning and resolution-making.

bad New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticDon’t drink bad wine- life is too short

Most of us can’t afford to drink expensive wine all the time but luckily there are some producers out there that cater for the masses. Just because a wine is cheap does not mean that it’s bad. But do remember that some wines are just down right ugly and should never touch the lips of any human being.

Try a new grape varietal every month

There are 24,000 names for varieties of wine grapes, corresponding to between 5,000 and 10,000 actual varieties. However, only about 150 are commercially important. This means that you should stick your neck out and try a different varietal every month. Compare different brands to each other and see which one you preferred. Live a little!

Drink bubbly throughout the year, not only on New Year’s eve

bubble New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticAnother day on earth means we’ve got a reason to celebrate! Pop open that bottle of sparkling wine where ever and when ever you feel like it. If today is your last day, enjoy every second with a glass of bubbly in hand and cheers to the legacy you’re leaving behind.

NEVER EVER drink wine out of a plastic cup

Just don’t! Not on the beach, not at a braai, never. It’s just not cool.

Match every meal with wine

spicy food and wine New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticEver tried some wine with your oats? Me neither but, it would be interesting to see if you can. Maybe some sherry? Pamper and explore different taste sensations and see if you can come up with the perfect match.

Avoid calling all sparkling wine “Champagne”

If it’s not made in Champagne, it’s not Champagne. If it’s made in South Africa it’s most possibly a massed produced sparkling wine from the Le Roux family or a Methode Cap Classique from a private cellar. Opt for option number 2 if possible and call it an “MCC”.

Drink more wines that support a good cause

Don’t just drink wine for the sake of drinking. Look out for wines that support much needed causes like breast cancer, animal welfare and children’s education and well being. Don’t just fill your glass, make a difference and fill other people’s hearts with your love.

byos New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticRefuse to buy wine off a restaurant list that is marked up 2.5x-3x retail

I want to puke when I have to pay 3 times the price for a wine that’s not even all that. It makes me ill to think that I have to pay over R100 for a wine that retails for less than R30 at the supermarket. Rather go the BYO route. These days you get some pretty funky wine bags that will complement not only the wine, but also your outfit. If you every come across restaurants situated on the wine farm that overcharge customers report them here.

wine temperature 175 New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticTry to serve wine at the proper temperature

There’s a bit more to serving wine at the correct temperature than “whites chilled, reds at room temperature.” While sparkling wines and very light whites can be chilled right down, heavier whites like Chardonnay or Viognier can be served a few degrees warmer. Leave them out on the counter for about 15-20 minutes before serving. “Room temperature” for red wines is typically 16-18 degrees Celsius–in fact, it should be called “cellar temperature,” as that’s what it’s meant to convey. Lighter red wines (a fruity Pinot Noir or Gamay, for example) can even be chilled for 15 minutes or so before serving. Best is you get yourself a Wine Temperature Guide and serve your wines the way it should be enjoyed.

gogreen New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine FanaticDrink more Eco-friendly wine

Green is the new black and the hottest trend of the century. More and more wine producers are becoming more carbon footprint consious and by buying their wines we help save our planet. Save some corkamorimcork New Year’s Resolutions for the Wine Fanatic
by Amorim Cork
trees and time by opting for screw-caps instead, it’s just so much easier and faster to open. Rather go for wines in ultra light weight bottles or plastic and never be a snob when it comes to box wine.

Visit more wineries

Over 600 wineries await your visit, so make a plan and get out there and start ticking them off. The South African winelands offer visitors beautiful scenery, great wines and friendly service, so what are you waiting for? Wine purchased at the cellar door are bound to taste a whole lot yummier than wine purchased at a bottle store. Why? Because it’s filled with a bunch of great memories!