NFL Player Diets That Spontaneously Went Viral

Food is the power source that fuels our bodies so that we can perform at optimum levels. The NFL is highly demanding both physically, and mentally, and therefore NFL players need to eat right in order to produce the goods when they go out onto the field. Supporters want their players to perform to the best of their ability so that their team can succeed, and states with legal sports betting shown here have punters who need the players to play well for their bets to win. So, we are going to look into the food that fuels these athletes, and which NFL diets have caught on with the general public.

An NFL Player’s Breakfast

It is widely stated that breakfast is the most important meal, as it sets the tone for the day. A good breakfast will give you the nutrition required so that you will be ready for whatever activity you will be doing. That being said, NFL players come in all different shapes and sizes, so their dietary requirements will differ, meaning a variety of breakfast recipes will be required on a football team. One of the most recognised names in NFL history is Tom Brady, and so it is expected that his diet has been the topic of many conversations. Tom Brady starts the day with a high-protein smoothie, which is lactose-free. 

In the smoothie, there will be, almond milk, bananas, hemp milk, blueberries, chia seeds, walnuts, whey protein powder, and almond butter. Hemp milk is particularly interesting as it is full of micronutrients and has more Vitamin A compared to dairy. It helps to build immunity, reduce inflammation, maintain the functions of your kidneys, improve memory, as well as improve bone health. Is this the secret behind those 7 Super Bowl rings?

Super Bowl Superstition?

The most prestigious event in the NFL, and one of the biggest sporting events in the world – the Superbowl. The Superbowl is watched by approximately 150 million people from around the world, and so many spectators have been left wondering what the pre-game meal is for these superstars. Well, the answer might shock you a little bit. It is not a mixed grill or meat feast that you might imagine, with players trying to cram in some last-minute protein, in fact, it is a lot lighter than that.

There are a few snacks that fuel a player before the Superbowl, with the likes of fruit smoothies or ‘Greek Yogurt’ proving popular as some players struggle with pre-game nerves, and they can only manage something light. Chicken soup, or a vegetable stir-fry are other possibilities, giving the players a boost of energy, and protein. However, it seems that over the years, the most popular pre-Superbowl snack is the childhood favourite, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. PB & J as it is commonly referred to, offers the players the feeling of comfort that they had when they were children, and having this snack before the biggest game of their lives helps them to relax. 

It is not only nostalgia that this snack provides, a PB & J has 15 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and 13 grams of plant-based unsaturated fats. This will help to build muscle and make the player feel full. Additionally, the 12.5 grams of sugar will provide the player with a source of quick energy release that will prove invaluable when it comes to game time. Surprising, but true.    

Recovery Supper

After a hard day of training, eating recovery food is essential to muscle growth and repair. One of the NFL’s hardest trainers is recently crowned Superbowl champion, Odell Beckham Jr. The wide receiver spends his days doing sprints in the sand, resistance training, and lifting weights. Beckham Jr, then goes home to his own personal chef, which is a luxury not many of us can afford. However, it is what he eats that is interesting. 

Beckham Jr consumes unskinned salmon and kale a few times a week as a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon is also high in protein, b vitamins, and can help with weight management, amongst a host of other benefits. Kale helps the brain to develop too, meaning that not only play faster than other wide receivers, he can also play smarter too.  

Eat Well, Play Better

It is no coincidence that all athletes promote the eating of good, healthy food. It is advised to vary your foods, so experiment with breakfasts, and pick up additional supper recipes. The diets of the NFL players are catching on like wildfire, as more and more people are determined to live a healthier life. A lot of these foods are simple too, so eating healthier is not as difficult as you may imagine. Moreover, you can pick the ingredients up for cheap, meaning there is no reason to rely on fast foods when eating on a budget.