Noel Gallagher claims that Bono can drink more than Morrissey

Noel Gallagher has discussed the drinking abilities of Bono and Morrissey in an interview, claiming that the U2 frontman can handle his alcohol better than the former Smiths singer.

Having been quizzed by Noisey on who between the pair and Bobby Gillespie could drink the most, the ex-Oasis man replied, “Bono, hands down. Bobby don’t drink [He gave up alcohol in 2008]. Morrissey is good crack.”

Gallagher added, “[Morrissey] can drink… [he] doesn’t really get drunk though – he remains equally as vicious from the fucking minute you meet him until seven hours later. I lighten up once I’ve had a drink. Not Morrissey.

“But Bono, he is really fucking brilliant company. I’ve been drinking with him, and I’ve been leaving a bar at 6 in the morning and he’s on the bar singing opera. And he’s got a fucking gig the following night with 70,000 people. And I’m being escorted out like James Brown – fucking pissed.”