Non-alcoholic Drinks And Food Pairings You Should Try

With the rise in the number of people being health-conscious and the demand for wellness-oriented products, the non-alcoholic drink sector is steadily increasing. 

Many people find it so hard to pair non-alcoholic beverages with the right food but it does not have to be that way. Non-alcoholic beverage pairings are getting popular each day, and it is time to know what pairs well with what to savour the moment.  

The whole point of pairing drinks with food is to take eating to the next level. The right drink can cut through the fattiness of a dish, it can cleanse your palate, and it can complement the ingredients in ways you can never imagine.  

We spoke to Thinus Prinsloo who is Chef de Partie at The Restaurant at Waterkloof in Cape Town and whose also the S Pellegrino Young Chef Africa and Middle East 2019 about some of the non-alcoholic drinks and what food you can pair them with. 

Pasta and S.Pellegrino sparkling water 

The slightly bitter flavour of sparkling water works well with any pasta dish.

Curry and ginger ale 

Ginger is a digestive and an inflammatory food source, which helps to lower the heat on spicy curries.  

Seafood and S.Pellegrino lemon or grapefruit beverage

The acidity of citrus helps to cut through rich or fatty fish, which makes it feel less heavy. 

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