Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Serve At Your Next Sober House Party

Sometimes you just want to throw a party without alcoholic beverages. When will you ever throw a party without any alcohol, you might wonder? Well, at a baby shower, for instance. Or when a sober friend decides to re-enter society after a 3-month stint in rehab. That’s when! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of non-alcoholic drinks to serve at your next sober party.

Preparing the Party Table 

The drinks station forms an important part of any party. To decorate it, you may need linen napkins and table cloths. Choose tablecloths and napkins that are attractively coloured but dark enough to cover up food stains that could fall on them before or during the party. Maroon and navy can be the right choice because they have a bold colour character but can still hide blemishes. A linen napkin is good for absorbing the moisture of the canapes and the beverages. After preparing the table, and all the foods and snacks are ready, it’s time to get cracking with the non-alcoholic drinks. Refreshing and well chilled drinks are sure to add to the splendor of the party.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks For A Sober Party

Good drinks don’t have to be store-bought. You can mix them yourself and the taste is guaranteed to be no less delicious than mocktails in fancy cafes.

Also, a party does not mean that it must involve alcohol. There are a lot of non-alcoholic drinks that can make a party jolly. The secret lies in the taste and surprises. If you are still confused about what kind of drink to make, we can help you out. The following drinks can be a special treat for your favourite people. Surprisingly, all of these drinks have an ingredient that is readily available, like fruit, tea, soda, etc.


More and more high-end bars are offering mocktails on their drinks menus. Mocktails are well-loved by millennials, who believe it keeps them fresh and hydrated. The trend of non-alcoholic drinks is forcing bartenders to think outside the booze box.

Coffee lovers will definitely be happy with this simple mint leaf and coffee mocktail.

Prepare 10 mint leaves, ounce syrup, cold coffee, 10 milligrams lavender. Put half a mint leaf at the bottom of the glass. Stir in syrup and add iced coffee. Garnish with the remaining mint sprigs.

Summer Tea

The ingredients needed to make a summer tea include tea bags, orange syrup, soda and ice cubes. It’s super easy to make. Just mix all the ingredients in a glass jug and serve cold. The addition of mint leaves and lime juice makes it taste fresher. 

Another option for a trendy tea offering is matcha frappuccino. It is made from matcha or Japanese green tea. The combination of matcha powder and sweet milk can quench the thirst caused by hot summer weather.

Strawberry smoothie

Did you know that a smoothie serves as an antidote when your mouth is on fire from spicy food? Try this strawberry, papaya and coconut smoothie with soya milk and serve it to friends who are on a diet.

Black iced coffee

The party is bound to last until midnight, so you will need an extra shot of caffeine. As a drowsiness repellent, you can also make a drink containing coffee.

Lychee ice jelly

Don’t forget the shots! Booze-free, of cause! Make some lychee ice jelly for your guests. The main ingredients of this drink are jelly, grass jelly, lychee and sweetened condensed milk. To make it sweeter, add sugar.

You can also make a sour Yakult Lemonade, commonly served as a complimentary drink at Japanese parties. Yakult is a Japanese sweetened probiotic milk beverage. Yakult brings a sweet and sour taste to a drink that will go down a treat in the scorching heat.


There are many more non-alcoholic drinks to make and serve at a sober party. You can have a vibe without alcohol. All you need is some solid mocktails to lighten the mood of the party and some fun decor to add to it. Bonus points for those who include some party games.