Nuy Cellar gives Route 62 major facelift with multi-million rand complex

A multi-million rand complex between Worcester and Robertson will give the well-known and popular Route 62 a major facelift and become a big asset for tourism in this region as well as for local inhabitants.

The complex is the brain child of the award-winning Nuy Cellar and will be built on the hill at the turn-off to the picturesque Nuy Valley.

“This centre will not only offer panoramic views of the Nuy Valley and the surrounding mountains, but also on the extensive vineyards of the Worcester Wine Region,” says Christo Pienaar, winemaker and cellar master at Nuy Cellar. “We believe it will become as popular a venue for locals as for visitors who need a break from travelling. Visitors to the centre will also be able to avail themselves of the products of our valley, like wine and olive products.”

The complex will be aimed at the whole family and house a restaurant, coffee shop, wine centre, toilet facilities and playground for the kids.

“In this highly competitive market, wine producers should not only be innovative and creative as far as their wines are concerned, but also with regard to their other tourism offerings,” explains Christo, “and this is why Nuy Cellar decided to erect this centre on the hill right next to the R62. We believe it will turn out to be a majoir asset, not only for Nuy Cellar but also for the whole Nuy Valley and the Worcester Wine Region. It also offers us the opportunity to introduce our existing and new wines to the general public.”

Nuy Cellar, widely known for its award-winning muscadels, also offers an extensive range of wines which highlights the winery’s innovation and diversity. The winery was established in 1963 with one single-minded goal in mind, quality.

“Our aim is to make wines with true character, wines that reflect the region and terroir from which they come,” says Christo. “We deliberately run a limited winery in order to ensure that every part of the wine making process is managed effectively and closely. Our winemakers have travelled the world to gain experience and expertise, from France and Germany to America and Australia.”

Nuy Cellar is situated at the foot of the Langeberg mountain range. The area’s average rainfall is low, but the Keerom Dam provides water for necessary irrigation. In autumn, winter and spring the temperatures are low and snow often adorns the surrounding mountain peaks. This results in the fruit ripening slowly which allows the winery to work with healthy, flavourful grapes.

CAPTION: An artist’s impression of the Nuy Centre on the hilltop at the Nuy Valley turn-off, as seen from the R60/62.