Once again Angostura aromatic bitters is tops worldwide

For over two hundred years Angostura aromatic bitters has been produced by the House of Angostura and is widely considered a key component in many cocktail recipes the world over.

A testimony to this is the continual ranking of Angostura aromatic bitters as the Best Selling and Top Trending bitters brand globally by Drinks International in their Annual Brands Report 2020. And once again this year the brand has been honoured with the same titles.

In fact, the report starts by saying, “If the bitters category was laid out like a Monopoly board then Angostura would have hotels on Mayfair and Park Lane. The Trinidad and Tobago brand is used by bartenders all over the world and is without a doubt the go-to cocktail bitters used in drinks…”

Drinks International is one of the most trusted and respected global drinks journals providing news, analysis, comment and research on global markets, brands and beverages.

votedApplied by the dash, Angostura aromatic bitters is used to add depth of flavour to mixed drinks and dishes. Not at all bitter when used behind the bar or in the kitchen, it has been found to intensify the characteristics of other ingredients, enhance flavours and create balance.