Orange River Cellars raise a glass to Currie Cup prowess with Griquas

Now for the main event. Following the progression of the Griquas rugby team to the Currie Cup final round,

its sponsor Orange River Cellars raised quite a few celebratory glasses on the victory over the SWD Eagles in the last match of the playoff stage. But like Hawies Fourie and his team, Orange River Cellars knows all too well that the hard work is only just starting for Griquas.

“The entire lower Orange River wine region is celebrating with Orange River Cellars and the Griquas after the team qualified for the competition’s premier division,” says Herman Gruywagen, CEO of Orange River Cellars. “There were a couple of anxious moments in the playoff matches when the Griquas struggled to get going. But beautiful play and the ability to pile on the points against the opposition with attractive running rugby endeared the Griquas to all of us. It is simply fantastic to see your name on the players’ peacock blue jerseys when they so frequently dot down behind the posts.”

The Griquas will now come up against the “big” teams in the battle for the Currie Cup. On 7 August they get their campaign underway against Western Province, and then the Bulls, Sharks, Lions, Cheetahs, Pumas and Kings await.

Cruywagen says that as co-sponsor of the Griquas they are now looking forward to the business end of the Currie Cup season with great anticipation.

“This is the first time that Orange River Cellars is entering the fray as rugby sponsor, and during the playoff rounds of the Currie Cup we could already feel the excitement of the Griquas partnership, and we received glowing feedback from our community and the public in this regard,” he mentions. “Just like good wine, rugby and sport are indispensable lifestyle elements. And as the leading wine producer in the Northern Cape it is only fitting that Orange River Cellars rally behind Griquas rugby. We would like to see the partnership become one of mutual success in the quest for the Currie Cup, and the team can be assured of our unwavering support.”

“Our hearts may be orange, but our blood is definitely peacock blue!”

The first match, when Griquas take on Western Province on Griqua Park, will be a particularly appropriate kick-off to the Currie Cup season, according to Cruywagen.

“Healthy competition between the Northern and Western Cape is not limited to the rugby field, but is also flourishing in the wine industry,” he says. “The established cellars of the Western Cape have learnt in the last decade that Orange River Cellars and the Northern Cape do not stand back

for anyone when it comes to the making of fine wine. We do not have any mountains, and the sea is a good few days’ trek on horseback. Yet the region’s wines have excelled in recent years and have clinched many local and international awards from under the noses of Western Cape producers – what a highlight it would be to enjoy some delicious Orange River Cellars Chenin Blanc with the Griquas rugby team from the Currie Cup in a few months’ time!”