Our Top 3 Harringtons Cocktails And How To Pair Them

So you’re looking forward to a big weekend with the girls, and sundowners are on your to-do list. For the record – by ‘weekend’, we’re talking Thursday to Saturday – the rules have changed, plus Sunday seems to be a universal day for winding down the weekend so the motto, ‘go big or go home’ doesn’t really apply.

Now that we’ve got that out the way if you find yourself in Cape Town from Thursday to Saturday and you’re in search of a watering hole with a wow factor, then Harringtons are where we think you should be heading.

Looking for lush, inviting decor, polished wooden accents and velvet booths that’s got that otherworldly appeal – like you’re stepping into a different dimension, which will have your Insta looking bomb? Well, we’ve got just the right cocktail lounge that’ll transport you to your happy place – 61 Harrington Street.

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