Packaging Spotlight: 1800 Limited Edition Tequila

In sharp contrast to the monochromatic DeLeon bottle, the 1800 Limited Edition Essential Artist Series emphasizes the colorful styles of artists such as Chad Shore, SteveOramA and Michelle Villasenor.

Chad Shore’s design portrays a 60’s-style inspired woman with a blank face consisting of only a mouth. Although this design does not outwardly refer to Mexican history, the artist is known for drawing inspiration from his own community in Atlanta, Georgia.

Instead of attracting buyers using familiar Mexican imagery, 1800 has decided to take advantage of the fame and familiarity of these artists to lure potential customers toward their brand. It should be noted, however, that 1800 did not change the bottle shape for the limited edition series; by doing so, they were able to maintain a certain level of brand recognition.