Packaging Spotlight: Blasted Church Vineyards

“In 2002, the new owners of Prpich Hills Winery had a problem. Their name. Brandever advised that the winery needed a beacon of a name. Something that would break away from traditional wine naming protocol. A name that would resonate throughout the entire Okanagan Valley, and beyond.

We recommended “Blasted Church”. And created a series of unique labels that told the true story of a mining era church that had been dismantled with the help of four dynamite sticks, and then moved to Okanagan Falls in the 1930’s. Once launched, Wine Cognoscenti, Jurgen Gothe wrote: 

“And when you do see your first bottle, you’ll probably gasp like everybody else does. This is a BC wine label? But it’s so … outrageous, colourful, cartoony, off-the-wall, and – this is the clincher – nothing at all like a BC wine label.”

Today, Blasted Church has grown over tenfold in sales, has become one of the most recognized, and admired wineries in Canada, and is proudly served by the best restaurants and wine merchants across the country. Amen.”

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