Packaging Spotlight: Chronicle Cabernet Branding

There is a way to make newspaper work as chic wrapping paper and a way to make it look a little too scrappy. The former is achieved in BRND NWS wine packaging through a great deal of care and imagination.

It is not yesterday’s headlines that envelope these beautiful bottles of cabernet sauvignon, but rather a publication that BRND WGN put together itself with punchy articles and a pinch of pink formatting. The whimsical chronicle was set to regular newsprint and a bright salmon hued paper, both coordinating with the adorable bottle labels which are accented in fuchsia.

A great deal of thought, creativity and amusement was put into BRND NWS wine packaging as a gift to loyal clients for Christmas 2011. This execution of self marketing is a clever one, highlighting the firm’s talents and celebrating the events of the year with good company and a gorgeous drink.

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