Packaging Spotlight: Clase Azul

Here we have a hand-painted bottle, Clase Azul’s blue and white ceramic decanter designed by artist Tomas Saldivar. It takes three hours for local communities to craft each one, numbering them as they go. Because they are handmade, each decanter is slightly different; this offers an air of exclusivity to the brand, giving it that one-of-a-kind quality that consumers often crave these days.

Pottery is a prevalent part of Mexican history, dating back to ancient times. Using clay to create a vessel for Clase Azul’s tequila seems appropriate given the traditional manner in which the alcohol is distilled. In addition to the hand-painted elements, Clase Azul added a metallic agave medallion to the front of the bottle.

The logo, designed by renowned artist Leon Fernandez, lends a bit of modern flair to the overall design.