Packaging Spotlight: Evo Water Eco-friendly Cans And Cartons

There’s no denying that water makes the world go ’round. About 71% of the earth is made up of water, and we, as humans, are respectively made up of over 60% of water. Water is a source of life and it’s everywhere.

Even though humans must drink it to survive, a lot of water is packaged in materials that are harming the planet. So we sit with a problem – we’re made of water to drink water from earth water, but the water we consume is packaged in materials toxic to the earth and not great for us either. 

In the effort to reverse the illogical behaviours that we all undoubtedly take part in, Evolution Beverage Solutions is working towards a world where water is more sustainably packaged. From aluminium to glass, there are options for a more sustainable water market. 

EvoBev is the first South African Company to produce Natural Spring Water (Still and Sparkling) in a can and (Still) in a carton. The company seeks to promote conscious living in South Africa by encouraging customers to transform their lifestyle and behaviour by making the earth-conscious decision to switch from single-use plastic bottles to 100% recyclable Evo Water cans and cartons. 

As we all know, South Africa is not exempt from global warming, environmental waste, ocean contamination, pollution, and cancer-causing environmental elements. Thus, we can’t sit idle and watch – we need to #PlayOurPart in bettering our planet. Upcycle where you can. By choosing Evo Water’s sustainable alternative can and carton over a single-use plastic bottle, your small choice will make a big impact!