Packaging Spotlight: Gloji Juice

The unusual light bulb shaped bottle is a nice reference to the energy-giving properties of the drink.

Gloji Juice is boasted as one of the healthiest drinks available on the market because it features a little down antioxidant rich fruit called the Gloji Berry.

Each bottle of Gloji Mix is said to contain juice from hundreds of berries, as well as from pomegranate; another vitamin and mineral rich product. Gloji berries provide sustained energy because they contain several health boosting factors, including 19 amino acids, 21 trace minerals, and more vitamin C than an orange.

Gloji’s primary claim to fame, however, is the unique light bulb shaped bottle it comes in. This style is meant to represent Gloji’s ability to “light you up” from the inside out. The company has also released an additional flavor called “Gloji Gold”, and it contains the same Gloji berries as the original along with golden apple. It, too, comes in the trademarked light bulb bottle design.