Packaging Spotlight: Honey Badger

Sweetness without the sting! Honey Badger, a new bold sweet red, has been introduced to the South African market, appealing to those who prefer a rich, ripe and sumptuously fruity wine. 

What caught my eye was the striking yet lighthearted and fun label and bottle closure of the wine. Lured by the honeyguide bird to the tempting dangers of the beehive, Africa’s Honey Badger attacks with little concern for the stinging consequences. Thanks to the help from its feathered friend, the Honey Badger is able to reap its sweet reward.

Honey Badger is produced from Shiraz and Pinotage grapes. It has a smoky, chocolate nose with some woody notes on the palate. Its ripe berry character provides a rich full finish, catering for the market that enjoys the smoothness and body of a red wine, yet search for that extra hint of sweetness. Jaco Potgieter, Honey Badger’s winemaker says, “This is first and foremost a red wine, the chocolate flavours on the palate are full and ripe with the touch of sweetness to round-off a bold taste.”

The label was designed by Switch and the label printer is Roto Label. Fanakalo was appointed as the creative agency and Consol supplied the glass. Honey Badger is available from select stores countrywide from June 2012, retailing for approximately R29.