Packaging Spotlight: Porseleinberg

Straight from the heart of the Swartland, South Africa! The Porseleinberg label was designed by Fanakalo.

The aim was to design a premium wine that is both ‘green’ and unique. Fanakalo proposed a wine label that made use of the absolute minimum amount of printing. Letterpress printing has the smallest carbon footprint of all printing methods, so the owners of the farm decided to buy their own 1940′s Heidelberg printer, and the winemaker took on the position of printer himself. It took a year to get the letterpress machine restored and up and running on the mountain, and another year for the wine to mature.

porseleinberg wine Packaging Spotlight: Porseleinberg

The name Porseleinberg translates to Porcelain Mountain and the fragile white label draws its inspiration from porcelain, whilst the motifs on the neck and the blue colour on the back is derived from Delft tiles, which were a popular feature in historical Cape Dutch homes.