Packaging Spotlight: Some Young Punks – The Quickie

It’s hard to ignore the funky Some Young Punks Quickie label. Most of us enjoy a quickie every now and then?

Some Young Punks, is all about a punk attitude to winemaking,according to creator Colin McBryde.

“We wanted to do something that had been done before, to make exceptional wine with small estate charm. The ethos is simple, self centered, and just a little arrogant – We make charismatic wines that are true to what we think ‘wine’ should be about. If someone doesn’t like the way we do it then they had better put the bottle down because there’s already not enough to go around. It is okay to judge a book by it’s cover; we judged the covers of books to decide on these labels. These labels are as bright and bold as the wines they clothe. Fresh Classics printed in glorious Punknicolor. The wines almost made themselves. The best fruit always does. But even the best fruit won’t jump into a crusher by itself so we help out a little in that respect. This beautiful tradeoff left us plenty of time to talk and drink and then talk some more. And when it was time we bottled it. Presto.”


The Quickie is an old world new world Shiraz Nebbiolo blend. From the original Pulp Fiction novel – ‘Quickie!’ “There’s no time like now to dress down and open up. As the time flies like so much unnecessary clothing you’ll quickly find you need more! When there’s no time to think, there’s more time for love.” – Punks You are just going to have to be patient for it.