Pagad calls on people to boycott Burger King

Pagad has called on people to boycott Burger King. The People Against Gangsterism and Drugs claim the owners of the local franchise behind the fast food giant are of “questionable morality”.

Grand Parade Investments (GPI) – which is a stakeholder of Grandwest Casino – is the parent company of Burger King SA. Cape Town businessman Hassen Adams is the founder and director of Grand Parade Investments.

Pagad spokesman Osman Sahib tells the Daily Voice: “Pagad calls on people not to support Burger King because the owner is directly involved with gambling. For the same reason we ask our people not to support GrandWest Casino or go into liquor stores, we want people to avoid Burger King.

“Gambling does not make people rich, they only get poorer.”

Grand Parade Investments has a 30 percent stake in SunWest, the owner of GrandWest Casino. GPI also holds stakes in Worcester’s Golden Valley Casino and limited pay out machine operations across SA. It also holds a 30.6 percent stake in Real Africa Holdings, giving it a share in Gauteng’s Carnival City Casino & Entertainment World, KwaZulu-Natal’s Sibaya Casino & Entertainment Kingdom, and the Eastern Cape’s Boardwalk Casino & Entertainment World.
Adams last year bought the African Burger King franchise for R9.1 million.

Sahib says any profits made from gambling operations is haraam [forbidden according to Islamic law].

“I must make it clear that this is not a personal attack on Adams because he is Muslim, but because of what he represents,” he says.