Pairing Champagne With Crab

Crab is about 180 million years old, thousands of species and is one of the most appreciated seafood in several countries in the world. In general, most crabs can be found in the sea, but they are also found in freshwater or terrestrial environments.

Crab is a good source of vitamins

Crab, especially those living on the coast such as Dungeness crab, is a good source of vitamins; A, C and B-complex vitamins, including B12. It is also a source of selenium, which can be a means of preventing cancer. The crustacean also has chromium, which is considered a useful mineral in insulin resistance as it can improve blood sugar metabolism.

Champagne and shellfish always pair well together so why not enjoy Champagne with crab which creates a perfect food pairing. Crab meat is sweet and delicate and needs a crispy wine to complement it, a Blanc de Blancs Champagne which is made from Chardonnay grapes and usually has a fruity, floral and brioche flavour which pairs well with a variety of food such as seafood. You can even steam crab in Champagne as it adds a lovely depth to the flavours.

A Rosé fruity Champagne will also pair well with shellfish and add a different dimension to the dish. especially if the crab is cooked with a buttery white sauce or even deep fried. Champagne loves oily, greasy, salty foods. The fat and salt in the food tastes incredible paired with Champagne. The hint of sweetness in the wine balances the saltiness of the food.