Party Drinks Don’t Have To Be All Alcoholic – Ideas For Non-Drinkers

Parties are more often than not associated with alcoholic beverages and the giddy buzz that comes with them. However, in case plenty of your guests are not crazy about alcohol and prefer not to indulge for various reasons, you should have some non-alcoholic cocktails on hand so that they can enjoy themselves, just as the rest.

Orange slush punch

Punch is such a common drink at parties, and there should be no festive activities without a bowl of this type of drink as a fixture. If you want to make something special, consider creating a recipe that will make all your guests ask for more.

Orange slush punch consists of a mix of orange juice, ginger ale, sugar, water, and Jell-O. The latter ingredient should come in two varieties, orange, and cherry, to give the punch more color.

Pineapple ginger sparkler

This drink is an excellent pick for anyone who enjoys a refreshing drink, regardless of the season. It doesn’t matter if you throw a party in the middle of winter or the heart of summer. This cocktail will be amazingly popular with your guests.

You will need ginger ale, pineapple juice, fresh ginger, a few slices of orange, and some fresh basil leaves. You can check various recipes based on this combination for the maximum effect.

Sangria, but without alcohol

Sangria is the perfect drink to make the entire party feel fresh, but, since you might have plenty of guests who don’t drink alcohol, you should consider making a version that is much more family-friendly.

Mixing passion fruit juice with sparkling water, cranberries, and slices of orange, kiwi, and lime, you will create the ultimate summer cocktail that everyone will want to taste.

Margarita mocktail

If your guests don’t want to taste your cocktails, you always have the option to create some mocktails that they won’t be capable of refusing. Since it’s non-alcoholic, this margarita will not have a particular ingredient in its recipe, and, as you may have guessed already, that’s tequila.

But what will replace the strong alcoholic beverage? The recipe for a margarita mocktail calls for natural juices, that come from grapefruit and lime, to begin with. To make it as strong in taste like a real margarita, a few finishing touches are required, such as orange extract and almond extract.

Pomegranate mojito mocktail

There are plenty of mocktails to try, and another twist that’s easy to suggest, since it’s so tasty is a mojito mocktail. Mint and lime are not amiss, but the base of this mocktail will be, as gleaned from the title, pomegranate juice.

For extra effect, you should add some pomegranate seeds, and to give it more punch, you must combine the pomegranate juice with lemonade. The refreshing effect of this mocktail will make all your guests smile.

One last idea

Even if this last suggestion is not a mocktail, a type of punch, or a sparkler, it is still an idea that will complement your party well. Have a chocolate fountain so that the guests can enjoy tasty treats. Buy a small and affordable one if you don’t have a lot of guests, or rent a larger one.