Patron Unveils a New High-End Smoked Tequila

Patron is pushing deeper into the high-end tequila field. The company plans to unveil a new premium offering Monday that brings a hint of smoke to the popular spirit.

Gran Patrón Smoky will hit select markets later this month and begin a wider distribution early next year. The agave used to make the tequila is roasted with mesquite for seven days in underground stone pits, versus the above-ground clay brick ovens where most agave is roasted.

The result is a tequila that tastes like something a Texas pitmaster would offer you as you wait for a brisket to cook. The smoky tastes dance across the palate, but don’t overwhelm it. And it adds a distinctive twist to cocktails. You’ll also pick up citrus and a big peppery finish to the spirit.

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