People are furious with this brewery`s “disgusting” beer labels

Beer fans have taken to social media to vent their “disgust” at a microbrewery’s “sexist and unacceptable” bottle labels.

Members of the group Ladies That Beer were outraged by the branding on bottles of an English Bitter called Deep Throat, which show a cartoon of a woman and what appears to be a corn cob rammed down her throat.

The drinks were produced by an independent brewery in Italy.

“This label shit is not acceptable,” they wrote, adding that it was “one of the worst things we’ve seen.”

Members took to Twitter to voice their “disgust” at the marketing.

Good Beer Hunting editor Matthew Curtis also weighed into the row, praising others for calling out “the idiots” behind the branding on Deep Beer’s Facebook page.

In his tweet, he included a screenshot from the page, which showed a member of London-based beer group Crafty Beer Girls asking if they believed the label was “funny and/or appropriate. Because it isn’t, it’s offensive.”

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