People Who Work More, Drink More

It seems that idiom “work hard, play hard” may have some truth to it afterall.

Researchers have now discovered that individuals who work more, may also drink more according to a new study which shows that 48 hours of work per week or more lead to a tendency to drink a lot, in both quantity and frequency.

The study published this week in the British Medical Journal examined about 330,000 people of different ages, working groups, and generations across fourteen countries. According to the results, those that worked more than the norm happened to be 11 percent more predisposed to drinking heavily.

For the study, researchers specified that heavy drinking meant more than 14 drinks per week for women and 21 drinks for men per week. That averages to 3 drinks per day for men and 2 drinks per day for women. Cassandra Okechukwu, from the Harvard School of Public Health, has written an editorial and concluded that 11 percent of the people from the 14 countries means there are 2 million people who drink heavily due to job stress and the extra hours. The team of researchers agreed with her statements.