Perdeberg Unveils New Labels

It’s a sweeping generalisation, but most of us buy wine off the shelf based on our instant reaction to the wine label. Knowing this to be true, Perdeberg Cellar’s Classic Range, have been radically updated and redesigned.

The Range has been divided and extended, differentiating single varieties from blends in a separate range and adding two new blends (a white and a rose) to partner the ever popular and successful Soft Smooth Red under its own identity of the SSR signature.  From its original, conservative and rather recessive look as a single range, the new labels on these two ranges are now modern, innovative and diverse.

Everyone knows that labels say a lot about origin, style and character as well as the brand.  Labels also allude to pricing levels and they either capture the buyer’s attention or not.

The rationale behind the new label design on a newly separated range, as well as the elements used in the final product, came from days of research both locally and internationally into the evolution of the wine label.

Also, now that wine is gaining more and more popularity among the Gen-X and Millennials, it was considered critical by the team at Perdeberg to incorporate a subtle and approachable label to gain the interest of these younger consumers.

While staying true to the Perdeberg brand and not alienating existing consumers, the new label retains the iconic and traditional Perdeberg Mountain Zebra, wrapped in a premium Jade Ruster paper, which is of higher quality and feel than the common cast gloss that can be found on most labels, has made the evolution as seamless as possible.

These refreshingly renewed Perdeberg labels, which were once part of the Popular Range and are now moved apart to the Classic Range and Soft Smooth Range are set to stand out amongst the crowd.

Soft Smooth Range: R50 per bottle
Classic Range: R60 per bottle