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Pieter Ferreira the Wine Legend

When thinking about MCC wines in South Africa, certain names immediately spring to mind. These are people who have put them on the map in a really big way. They have made sure that some of our bubblies often confound the wine experts in blind tastings in Europe, when they rate them higher than the ‘real’ thing.

ne of these people is Pieter Ferreira, affectionately known as ‘Bubbles’ to aficionados. His name is synonymous with Graham Beck MCCs, where he has been the driving force for 26 years. His easygoing, fun nature hides a great talent and a determined sense of purpose. A self-confessed ex surfer dude, he is quintessentially a people’s person, most at home in congenial company where his wines are a most delicious accompaniment. We sat down with him for a chat…

Can you describe the best glass of wine you’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking?

Very easy – with my darling wife. We decided that I would propose on a park bench in Champagne. We arrived from Paris on the day, at the train station in Reims. I carried a bottle of Dom Perignon 1978 all the way from SA with me but we realised that we did not have glasses to drink from. So we found a store nearby and managed to find Champagne flutes, and a park bench, and opened the bottle. Indeed the best glass ever.

Just remember there is a difference to enjoying your best glass as pleasure, and tasting your best glass ever. A subtle one.



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