Pioneer Pendock demands recount

After our “South Africa Pioneer Wine Bloggers” post yesterday, we received an objection from Mr Indie himself, Neil Pendock. According to Mr Pendock, we should have opted to go with an alphabetical list instead. Neil requested an apology from winetimes.

Neil we are truly sorry for putting you second, but seriously, it would have been so predictable to see you in first place. It would have been similar to one of those shows on channel 124: “Ladies and gentleman, E-entertainment channel brings you the number one sexiest man alive … Brad Pitt.” Big surprise! Way to boring so we had to spice it up and luckily Neil’s blog was there to lend a hand.

How was this post count conducted? Firstly Neil, our low cost budget reporting could unfortunately not finance a ‘Poll’ (which you make reference to). We looked at all the known bloggers’ archives and counted the posts per month as of January 2009. Unlike an election, no votes were cast in this case.

Maybe we had a bit too much to drink or to smoke during the auditing session, but we feel this is the norm with these kinds of ratings, oops tastings, oops shows, oops listings, etc. The posts on Uncorked were archived from June 2009, as illustrated in the image to the left. Hence the fact that the “Mr. Mustard” curve flat-lined for the first five months. But the guy still came in second, which is bloody AMAZING. During the month of December he posted a staggering 64 articles. This alone must be some kind of national record.

To conclude, Neil we do sincerely apologize. We always regard you as the Obi-Wan Kenobi of the South African wine universe and we know the force is strong with you, but we normal folks can only count what we see.