Popular New York Bar Launches A 100% Cat-Inspired Drinks Menu For Crazy Cat People

Grand Army, a popular neighbourhood bar in Brooklyn, New York, has introduced a new fall cocktail menu and it’s 100% cat themed!

13 new feline-inspired drinks will be available. Beverage director Robby Dow and head bartender Ally Marrone collaborated on autumnal takes on spritzes, pisco punches, old fashioneds, martinis, negronis and even a fall-inspired colada. Returning from last fall is Grand Army’s take on a frozen pumpkin spice latte, a balanced, luxurious version of the infamous fall beverage. 

The menu pays homage to many cats, from pop culture sensations like Lil’ Bub (RIP), Delilah Mercury (Freddie Mercury’s beloved cat), Meredith Grey (Taylor Swift’s cat) and Mr. Bigglesworth (Austin Powers star) to notable cats in history including Astrocat (Felicette, the first cat in space), Unsinkable Sam (who served in the British Royal Navy) and the former Mayor of Talkeetna (Stubbs the cat, who served uncontested as mayor of Talkeetna Alaska for 20 years), among others.

The top image Grand Army’s amaro colada for fall; tropical and bitter all at the same time. The drink is dedicated to the co-founder Julian Brizzi’s family cat Oprah, who has past away.

Grand Army is celebrating the new menu by commissioning several local artists to create custom cat artwork for the bar. A Garfield-adorned toilet seat by @garfieldfrommemory has been installed in the W.C., and for dining room artwork, Matt Timms of @allthebadcats has painted watercolour illustrations of the cats who own Grand Army staff.

The funky watering hole is known for its top notch drinks and themed menus. Previous motifs include Nicolas Cage (this past summer’s menu), My Little Pony, gemstones, Gilmore Girls, Sade songs, monster trucks, space cowgirls and state parks of Oklahoma.