Pot Infused Pop: Doc Weed Or Canna Cola?

Canna Cola, Doc Weed, Grape Ape…  Not much mystery about what’s in these sodas But medical marijuana users are thrilled at the newest options to take their medicine – sparkling sodas!

The newest marijuana soda brand, Canna Cola, will be out next month in Colorado, sold through medical marijuana dispensaries. Including its own brand of cola-flavor, there’s a Doc Weed, similar to Doctor Pepper, a lemon-lime Sour Diesel, Grape Ape, and Orange Kush.

Clay Butler, entrepreneur and co-founder of Canna Cola, says the marijuana sodas are marketed the way “Snapple or Coca-Cola or Minute Maid would make a marijuana beverage, if they ever chose to do it.” And you have to admit that the packaging looks very appealing.

Many marijuana patients cannot smoke cannabis because of the harmful side-effects of the smoke, and others don’t want to smoke because it’s offensive.  Additionally, smoking pot makes it more difficult to measure your exact dosage.  But with pot now infused in sodas and many edibles, patients are able to digest the marijuana without having to smoke it.

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