Pour the perfect pint of beer in 9 steps

There’s nothing quite like cold beer to take a day’s worries away – and while it’s perfectly fine straight from the bottle, there’s actually a 9-step ritual that will make your liquid redemption taste even better.

Now, while a 9-step pouring ritual may seem a tad obssessive, don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it. This centuries-old custom, created and perfected by the beer masters at Stella Artois, delivers a fine pint with just the right amount of froth and a full beer flavor.

The Ritual goes something like this:

1. The Purification

The glass (in this case, a chalice) is rinsed in cold water to chill it and remove any thumbprints, marks, dust, or anything else that might get in your beer.

2. The Sacrifice

The beer tap is opened and left to run so that the first few drops don’t make it to the glass (they are the sacrifice). This makes sure that only the freshest beer makes it to the final pour.

3. Liquid Alchemy

Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle to get a good amount of foam. Contrary to popular belief, the foam is important as it keeps the beer tasting fresh. You can do this even when pouring from a bottle.

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