Powder that turns your juice into booze

This DIY hooch kit turns juice into alcohol in 48 Hours flat but, the longer you leave it to work, the more potent the drink becomes.

spike Powder that turns your juice into boozeSimply decant your favourite juice into a large bottle, pour in the magic powder, pop the rubber stopper and airlock in the lid and let the unfathomable wonder of yeasty science work its magic.

The only requirements are to brew the alcoholic juice in a plastic bottle and the neck size of the bottle needs to be at least 3.2cm wide in order to fit the airlock. The juice must have a minimum sugar content 20g, it should not be artificially sweetened and not cold when you add the yeast.

The end product is refreshingly fizzy fruit juice with a maximum alcohol content of 14%. What’s not to love?

You can purchase the product online.