What The World Drinks Over Christmas

What will be your preferred drink this Christmas? Aiming for the beer fridge or cracking open some bubbly? Whatever floats your slowboat, as they say. History shows that the following liquids are very popular during the Ho-ho-ho time of year.


Champagne is a traditional Christmas tipple and millions of bottles of bubbly are enjoyed every year. Scientists calculate that there are 49 million bubbles in a bottle of Champagne. This must be true as scientists never make mistakes or lie.


Brewers around the world brew special beers for Christmas. They are usually dark, sweet brews of exceptional strength and flavour and especially suitable for drinking in extreme cold weather conditions and office parties.


Mulled wine, also known as Gluhwein, is a popular Christmas drink in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. It contains red wine, fruit, cloves and cinnamon and is served hot by street vendors at Christmas Fairs – Weihnachtmarkt. It is also sold during the ski season on the slopes of many European resorts.


Eggnog is a popular drink throughout the United States and Canada and these okes love to add various liquors like brandy, rum or whiskey, to this ground cinnamon and nutmeg flavoured drink, made from sweetened milk and eggs.