Premium Whiskey Brand Honors The First African-American Master Distiller In The US With Short Film

The story of Nearest Green is a great American tale that most of the world never knew. Credited as the mastermind behind one of the world’s best-selling whiskeys, Nathan “Nearest” Green is the first African-American master distiller on record in the United States. He was also a slave.

nathan green Premium Whiskey Brand Honors The First African American Master Distiller In The US With Short Film
Nathan “Nearest” Green

When entrepreneur, investor and author of Happy Wives Club, Fawn Weaver, read about Uncle Nearest, she crafted a premium whiskey brand in his honour.

Established in 2017 in Tennessee, Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is sold in 47 states and eight countries and has won numerous awards since its launch.

In 2019, the company premiered a short film, “The Story of Nearest Green,” at the Tribecca Film Center in New York. Emmy Award-winning “Westworld” actor Jeffrey Wright was so touched by Uncle Nearest story, he offered to narrate the film, with claims that he is ordering it at bars all over New York to make sure people know and never forget the name Nathan “Nearest” Green. 

“After the premiere in New York, Nearest’s story now forever lives digitally online and that is pretty special,” Weaver says. The film will also be used for training so that each of the company’s sales and distribution representatives shares the same story.