Prescient Signature Red Blend Report 2021 Reveals Fascinating Wines Made From A Combination Of Varieties

This year’s Signature Red Blend Report sponsored by multinational financial services company Prescient attracted 50 entries received from 38 producers and these were tasted blind (labels out of sight) by a three-person panel, Christian Eedes, James Pietersen & Jolette Steyn, scoring done according to the 100-point quality scale.

The Top 10 emerged as follows:

Mary le Bow Red 2018

Strandveld The Navigator 2018
Waterford The Jem 2015

Chateau Libertas 2019
Guardian Peak SMG 2019
Spice Route Chakalaka 2018

Boschendal Black Angus 2018
Haskell II 2016
La Cave Cape Blend 2018
Old Road Wine Co. The Spotted Hound 2019

Discovery of Report goes to De Wet Vintage Mashup 2020.

“The idea behind the Signature Red Blend Report is ultimately to gauge if a wine of different component parts might emerge that is authentically “South African” rather than derivative of something already established elsewhere in the world of wine”, says Christian Eedes, chairman of the tasting panel and editor. “It’s always a fascinating tasting as there really are no rules and long may it stay that way”.

To read the report in full, including key findings, tasting notes for the top wines and scores on the 100-point quality scale for all wines entered