Be on the lookout for the new LOOKOUT

Leopard’s Leap, internationally known for offering accessible wines as part of an everyday quality lifestyle, has now given their LOOKOUT range a brand new look and feel.

Traditionally an introduction to the Leopard’s Leap wine family, LOOKOUT’s new label design and a few consumer-friendly tweaks to the style of the wine now ensure it a stand-alone personality within the strong brand name of Leopard’s Leap.

The new look of LOOKOUT sets it apart in the often cluttered product offering, with a trendy and contemporary design. The label is crisp and white and has a strong identity featuring Leopard’s Leap’s landmark leopard sculpture. While the style of the wine stays true to the trusted quality of Leopard’s Leap, it has been slightly adjusted to align with the modern and forward-thinking culture of the brand and offers a refreshing white, a delightful semi-sweet, a charming rosé and a mellow red wine.

Using the power of social media to communicate with its fans in the more than 40 countries where Leopard’s Leap wines can be found, the new LOOKOUT label now extends an invitation to join the conversation with its Twitter handle, @leopardleapwine and unique hash tag, #tasteleopardsleap displayed on the front label. And in line with its accessible character, the back label moves away from intricate wine descriptions and rather gives easy and clear guidance with Tastes like… and Enjoy with… – guiding consumers as to the wine’s taste, ideal food pairings and the perfect occasion to enjoy it at (see descriptions below).

The LOOKOUT wines can be tasted at Leopard’s Leap Family Vineyards in Franschhoek and can be enjoyed as part of the delicious and relaxed Rotisserie lunch offering.


Tastes like… tropical fruit, pineapple, lime and summer

Enjoy with… family and friends, laid-back lunches, anytime, anywhere!


Tastes like… candied fruit, marzipan and apple blossom

Enjoy with… interesting conversation, spicy foods, anytime of day!


Tastes like… pomegranate, pink marshmallow and raspberry sherbert

Enjoy with… starters, main or dessert but always in good company!


Tastes like… berries, white pepper and chocolate

Enjoy with… comfort food, braai and best friends, always!

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