Chapman Poole Toasts Two New Drinks Clients

Network of senior PR consultants, Chapman Poole, has secured two briefs in Manchester and London to work with clients in the alcoholic drink sector.


58 Gin’s 58 Gin Hard Seltzer

UK distillery 58 Gin has released a hard seltzer under its namesake brand.


How Factories Change Production To Quickly Fight Coronavirus

How does a gin company start creating sanitiser at short notice? Switching products can be faster and easier than you might imagine ? and can help businesses survive, too.


Coronavirus: Haggerston Distillery 58 Gin Ltd Steps In To Make Hand Sanitiser For Met Police Officers

A Haggerston gin distillery has branched out into producing hand sanitiser - and is now an official supplier for the Met to ensure its stocks don?t dry up during the coronavirus pandemic.


This London Gin Distillery Is Now Making Hand Sanitiser Instead

And donating a portion of the profits to charity.


Britain’s Gin Distilleries Switch Production To Make Hand Sanitiser

Distilleries from Dundee to London have shifted their production lines to make hand sanitiser after shortages were reported across the country when the virus began to gather speed earlier this month.


Distilleries Switch Production To Hand Sanitiser

Gin producers diversify into hand sanitisers to help ease a shortage during the coronavirus outbreak.


Gin Distillery Creates Hand Sanitiser For Benevolent Ball

London-based 58 Gin Distillery has created a gin-based hand sanitiser for The Benevolent after the drinks charity struggled to find an adequate amount for its annual ball tonight


The Intoxicating History Of Gin

The current gin craze knows no bounds, but the British have been imbibing the stuff for hundreds of years, sometimes with disastrous results.


Psa: Aldi Has A Brand New Gin Flavour