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I Tried A Cocktail Made Of Trash And It Tasted Just As Good As A Fresh One

When making cocktails, fresh fruit is often discarded after juicing. But using those remains can actually be used to make a whole new drink.


Meet The Artist Behind These Hypnotically Satisfying Animations

Andreas Wannerstedt is a Stockholm-based artist and art director that makes oddly satisfying 3D animations.


Africa’s Amazon Set For New York Ipo As Online Retail Grows

When Christophe Fofana, a 29-year-old taxi driver and student in Ivory Coast, needed a birthday present for his daughter last year, he did something he hadn’t done before. He went shopping online.


Absolut: Absolut Elyx Bottle Design

Absolut Elyx celebrates its evolution with the unveiling of a striking new bottle design. The new Absolut Elyx bottle is a symbol of 'emboldened luxury', providing an even bolder shelf standout that g


Report: Absolut Sees 2.5x Higher Engagement With Reddit Video Ads

The Pernod Ricard vodka brand ran video ads targeting key audiences in subreddits around topics like "funny" and "LGBTQ."


Applebee’s Drink Of The Month Is “rainbow Punch” ? And It’s Only $2

If you spent your whole life trying to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow (and/or protecting your Lucky Charms along the way), excellent news: that rainbow just got a whole lot easier to c


The Best Tasting Vodka, According To The Masses

Vodka is cheap, tasty, and everywhere. Here are the ten best bottles of vodka, power ranked by the people.


Pernod Ricard Looks To Spread A Little Love With Absolut Drop

Absolut Vodka's new range is looking to spread a little love in the world. The Absolut Drop bottl...


There’s One Key Ingredient Missing From Your Absolut This Year

Swedish vodka brand Absolut is produced using only ingredients from southern Sweden. But this year, there is one problem.


Pernod Pushes Conviviality In First Corporate Campaign

Absolut vodka owner Pernod Ricard has launched its first global corporate campaign ? Be a Convivialist ? to promote ?more conviviality? in the world

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