Ben talks us through the matchday experience as Bristol City run out 3-2 winners.


Bottoms up! Friday, August 6, 2021, marks International Beer Day. Whether you?re a lager lover or proper to sip on some Plae Ale, there?s plenty of ways to celebrate.


Among the greatest and most well-known Dutch beers is none other than Amstel Light. Read on for 9 things you should know about the pale lager.


The Amstel Gold Race can play out a number of ways, and there are many riders with a shot at victory. These are five of the top outsiders with a chance.


Nigerian superstar Wizkid is reportedly the headline act for this year's virtual edition of South Africa's annual Friends of Amstel music festival.


The recent alcohol ban has disrupted bottle returns.


We'll drink to that! ?


Heineken has unveiled plans to make Amstel one of the bestselling beer brands in the Chinese market. The lager brand has only just launched in China,...


Heineken has said it expects China to become one of Amstel's top global markets within three years as the Dutch brewer launches the beer in the world's most populus country.


My grandfather spent a lot of time in the hospital in his later years. Though I visited him there frequently, I remember one trip vividly. I had just finished a shift at the local brewery, and on hear